15 November, 2016
Two Riviera Maya Towns Named Top Winter Sun Destinations
9 February, 2017

Riviera Maya, a Winter Paradise


If your feet are under the covers, or inside cozy socks, or your fingers are blue and your nose red, wouldn’t you rather be in a sunny warm sugary beach, with crystal clear turquoise waters, drinking a refreshing tropical fruit cocktail? Well come to visit us! Uncover yourself and leave the sweaters because you are about to feel the warmth of the Caribbean.

2017 started out perfectly here at Riviera Maya, where Paradise is Forever. With amazing sunrises, incredible landscapes and photo worthy adventures, Riviera Maya truly has our hearts spellbound. Trade your hot chocolate for a cold drink in front of the ocean, forget about the freezing breeze and enjoy the pure Caribbean Sea wind, leave your boots at home and put on those sandals. Get the perfect golden tan you need, relax at amazing all-inclusive spas, sleep calmly in a chic hotel, enjoy the service of the welcoming staff, savor the traditional Mayan cuisine with the richness of its flavors, get unique souvenirs for your dear ones on the shopping malls with international brands or with the artisans and artists that live in Riviera Maya. You can also dive, explore, run, sky dive, snorkel, swim, and experience many adventures in the themed eco parks and archeological sites. Feel romance, burst into laughter and cry of excitement in Riviera Maya, closer to the sun and its golden rays, and way farther from snow.

In other words: leave your paralyzing winter and live the thrill of the Caribbean in Riviera Maya!

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