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6 June, 2016
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Family Vacations! 2


Dear readers, we welcome you to the Second Part of Family Vacation!, in this section, we’ll talk about the fun and enriching experiences that theme Parks in Riviera Maya offer for you and your family. A family vacation on the Riviera Maya besides relaxing, can be exciting, because you have the opportunity to visit Mayan ruins, fly through the jungle on a zip line, or marvel at the amazing and colorful flora and fauna under the sea and the surface. Some theme parks offer very educational tours, full of fun and excitement to keep afloat adventure and learn at the same time. We will talk about some parks at your disposal in Riviera Maya.

One of them is the world-renowned Xcaret park in its facilities you can expect adventure and soak in the beauty and richness of the waters of the Riviera Maya. The itineraries are also designed for families and there are many activities to enjoy in group, among which is the Snuba, as well as various types of Treks -experience to enjoy of the sea view as you immerse yourself full body on the seabed, using a special helmet that allows you to breathe underwater. You can also swim with dolphins, manatees, sharks, stingrays and with marine biodiversity.

Xel- Ha, also known as the world’s largest natural aquarium, is another attraction in the destination that has several options, among which are amazing air, land and water activities. Inside the park there are many guided tours for your convenience, where you can visit an area especially for younger family members, tour in the Caleta and admire the landscape, contemplate and practice the Quebrada Salto del Mono. You can also enjoy the interaction with manatees and taste delicious food in their restaurants. Check with park staff in advance for reservations and requirements which you should be informed beforehand.

If your family likes extreme fun, you can visit the Xplor park, where you all can get a fair dose of adrenaline! In their high zipline you can experience the feeling of cutting through the air at full speed over the beautiful tropical jungle. If heights are not your thing, but you like speed, you can jump to one of the amphibians available to you, which are all-terrain and where you can explore the underground caves and surprise you with their structures. In Xplor you can swim in underground rivers while exploring caves or navigate comfortably while admiring the landscape hidden beneath the surface and interact with the environment. Remember to consult in advance with Xplor staff in relation to their schedules, as from 17:00 hrs you can enjoy the facilities in its night version: Xplor Fire.

If you want to enjoy something unusual, Rio Secreto has several guided tours that allow you to admire the sublime beauty beneath the surface. Among its tours you can enjoy the water and not worry about the weather because sunny or not, underground caves are excluded to inclement weather, as it is an ideal for rainy days, which makes Rio Secreto an excellent place to visit on your vacation. You can go with your family, and float in the beautiful subterranean landscape in group and enjoy this unforgettable experience.

The Riviera Maya offers many places to have fun and enjoy nature, besides its beaches can enjoy dolphins, manatees and other marine mammals, delight with their dishes and unique cuisine , swim among beautiful shoals of colorful fish and learn from the actions of species conservation performed in the area. You can visit the first part of the blog to find out some excellent lodging options, and take them into account to plan in advance your vacation this summer. Come and enjoy Riviera Maya in all its splendor and see for yourself!

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