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21 June, 2016
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Fall in Love with Tulum

Zona arqueológica de Tulum

Imagine beautiful sunrise orange tones, the sound of the sea waves, the wind swaying the palm trees, white sand beaches, cool in the shade and the heat of the Caribbean, all this and more while enjoying the company of your partner. Are you already on the way? Come to the Riviera Maya to experience the romance and be seduced by its beauty.

Zona arqueológica de TulumThe Riviera Maya is a unique destination with amazing beaches and beautiful mysteries to discover. From a romantic dinner under the moonlight between candlelight, to wake up in front of the beach and watch the sunrise, the Riviera Maya offers places where the magic of love is present. One of these sites is the city of Tulum, full of incredible places to enjoy with your partner –nature, the sun, the sea breeze and the beautiful landscape. Relax in the company of your partner in life and enjoy what Tulum has to offer.

To get to Tulum there are many options of transportation, from buses that will take you to the bus station, to taxis and rental cars, you can take them at the Cancun International Airport, and these will get you to the Riviera Maya. You can easily consult the prices for transportation with local companies, internet or with your tour operator of choice, since they will provide additional information for this romantic getaway in the Riviera Maya.

In Tulum you will enjoy the village, where they sell crafts and there are restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine. There is also the beach of Tulum, about 15 minutes from town. On the beach you can swing on a hammock, enjoy refreshing drinks and sunbathe in front of the blue turquoise Caribbean. You can also visit the archaeological site of Tulum, which is one of the most beautiful areas of the Riviera Maya, it combines the mystery of ancient Mayan culture with the unique beauty of the Caribbean Sea, which bathes its shores. The main construction can be accessed after passing the magnificent stone wall, which has five entrances that are El Castillo –facing east and dedicated to the god of love and fertility, known by the Maya as Kukulcan– and the Temple of the Descending God, adorned with bas-reliefs.

Beautiful views and clear-turquoise sea water as a witness, will accompany you in this beautiful paradise getaway. Relax and enjoy the beautiful and majestic Mayan city of Tulum, learn the history and culture of the locals, descendants of an ancient civilization. To avoid the crowds, it is advisable to spend the night in Tulum and wake up early and visit the zone before it gets too hot from the weather at noon and take the tour by one of the certified guides, so you can explore the archaeological site without distractions and some privacy! You can see a spectacular sunrise in the salt waters of the Caribbean and white beaches in the company of your partner. Due to intense sun, you should refrain from visiting the archaeological site at noon, as the heat and little shade during this time increase the already warm Caribbean.

shutterstock_95647150Relax and rest in its hotels, whether you come in European Plan or All Inclusive, Tulum has many options and cozy accommodations, inspired by the sea and the beauty of the region. At night you can escape and dance under the stars, to the rhythm of Caribbean music and having a good time in the night atmosphere of Tulum, which will surely seduce you. In the village you will find many places to dance and dine pleasantly in the cool night breeze, excellent opportunity to rekindle the passion and romance. Remember at the shops, since most products are made by local artisans and contribute to the communities near Tulum. It’s a show you cannot miss!

Visit Tulum in romantic mood and ignite the fire of your relationship with the beautiful views of the Caribbean, its seductive gastronomy, its secret nooks in nature and fall in love with the Riviera Maya. Romance awaits for you!

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