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The Art of Being an Adventurer (and how to become one in the Riviera Maya)
18 September, 2017
Autumn in the Riviera Maya
17 November, 2017

Day of the Dead in the Riviera Maya’s Paradise


The celebration of the Day of the Dead is the best window into the most spectacular Mexican traditions. In the Riviera Maya, during the early days of November, the aromas and colors of ceremonial dishes emerge from the darkness of the jungle into the fresh, early mornings of autumn.


Before dawn, in the small millenary villages, marketers, sellers of achiote, fresh maize dough, banana leaves and spices wander through the streets and enter the courtyards where the activity has been going on for hours. At noon, tables and altars show tamales, sweets, and bread prepared thinking in the beloved ones who are gone… but who return, only for a few moments, to share with their families.


All the mysticism of the Day of the Dead festivities in the Riviera Maya mixes with the gorgeous weather: sunny skies, warm noons, cool evenings and bright moons. The temperature of the sea and the wind seem to agree to please the skin. And if that was not enough, the Riviera Maya offers two unparalleled opportunities to immerse yourself in the great Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead:

Hanal Pixan 2017

Hanal Pixan 2017



Altournative provides a tour in a community set into the jungle of the Riviera Maya in which traditional rites have been kept intact. With them you will have the opportunity to experience the sounds, flavors and colors of this spectacular night.

Festival Vida y Muerte

Festival Vida y Muerte













Xcaret creates for its visitors a spectacle of amazing dimensions to show the different ways in which Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead. The great all-day-long staging brings together hundreds of artists from all disciplines: dance, theater, visuals, lighting, singing, gastronomy … A splurge of beauty and perfection.


Don’t give it a second thought, from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November, come to Riviera Maya and walk cheerfully through life and death, in a way only possible in Mexico!

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