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29 November, 2017
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Christmas on the beach, you have to try it!


Does a perfect Christmas require snow, cold and tons of clothes? Not always. It is true that winter has its charms in the north, among mountains of snow and ice. But in Riviera Maya, we will convince you that the atmosphere of the Caribbean winter can also be the perfect setting for a memorable Christmas.

The weather


There is no better season or place than Riviera Maya during the beginning of winter to experience a spectacular breeze: a mixture of the aromatic freshness of the jungle with the warm flashes of the clear and sunny skies that run toward you across the marine horizon. Moreover, what can be better than saying goodbye to the year with long baths on the beach? Caribbean temperatures rarely drop below 22 degrees Celsius, and its annual average is 27. That’s why the coasts of the Riviera Maya offer an ideal setting to enjoy the caresses of the sea while letting go the worries of the year that is leaving and receiving the necessary energy to face the coming year. Of course, if you share the moments of joy with your family, a memorable experience can become a genuine heavenly moment!

The best celebrations


The Riviera Maya offers a wide variety of gastronomic services so that the Christmas and New Year celebrations meet the requirements of the most demanding and international palates. If you want to celebrate on the beach, we say: Voila! If you prefer the hubbub of a party room, we say: of course! Or if you feel like dancing all night long in a club, we say: why not! For every idea you have in mind we have a great: YES! in the Riviera Maya.


Do not wait any longer! Book your trip now and get ready to live a beautiful Christmas and New Year Eve.

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