Welcome once more to Riviera Maya’s blog! Today I would like to tell you about Riviera Maya, its attractions, its romance and mythology. I invite you to discover Riviera Maya, which extension starts at Playa Paraiso on the North and Punta Herrero on the South, which is inside of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. In general, Riviera Maya is an area that includes part of the coast of the Mexican Caribbean, in Quintana Roo state, and has natural attractions and Mayan architecture for delight and enjoy of the local and foreigner visitor. The friendly towns, paradisiac landscapes, regional gastronomy and endless recreational activities, make this destination one that competes cultural and touristically in a worldwide scale. Riviera Maya is a place full of tradition, history, romance, action and relaxation, where you can relive the past and experience it firsthand.

From Playa Paraiso, Riviera Maya has big, rich and incredible places to visit such as Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Tulum, Coba, and the Zona Maya which include the municipalities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Jose Maria Morelos, to Punta Herrero, in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. You can practice different activities with your partner, family or on your own, or enjoy of its beautiful and relaxing beaches, of its cultural attractions and history, its gastronomic offer, shopping and, with its beautiful natural landscapes spark the fire of romance!


One of the most popular activities will provide you with a new vision on Paradise, and that is diving. You can practice diving in different zones, from open sea and coral reefs or inside a d’zonot, on which I will explain further. We have the biggest reef wall in the Americas, the Mesoamerican Reef or Grand Mayan Reef as we know it, full of life, color and mystery. The barrier runs along the coast of Riviera Maya and is one of the few places in the world where the senses are overwhelmed by the exuberant creativity of nature

As an alternative we have the d’zonot, which I mentioned before. D’zonot is a Mayan term, later this term developed in Spanish, creating the word we know today: cenote or cenotes. These can be on the surface or even underwater, and hold a freshwater reservoir formed by the underwater rivers that flow through, and the largest known system of cenotes of the world can be found in Riviera Maya. The cenotes were considered sacred by the Mayas, not only for their connection to the divine or for being the doors to the underworld, besides being guarded by gods or deities, but because they were also their main freshwater source. There are several diving levels of expertise according to each region, with many certified and specialized guides that will accompany you in this experience. It is very important to follow the rules and take adequate precautions when participating in these activities, from which they will inform you beforehand, not only because of the environmental care but to guarantee your safety and fun in the experience.img2

Riviera Maya offers more besides action and movement, it is also a place of relaxation, meditation and beauty. You can enjoy of many different kinds of massages, therapies and spas along Riviera Maya, from a traditional Temazcal to the newest in aromatherapy and crystals. Practiced since thousands of years ago, massages serve to relax and relief, despite their different cultural influences. With medicinal connotations and natural aromas, traditional massages will transport you to a peaceful state of relaxation that you can enjoy in Riviera Maya. There are also new and modern massages which are focused on beauty enhancement, you can enjoy of it in hotels completely dedicated to the practice and at the same time, enjoy of a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Romance also thrimg3ives in Riviera Maya, and not only because of their beautiful and romantic sunrises, its seductive gastronomy or nightlife, but because it provides the perfect setting for spectacular weddings! There are many traditions, ceremonies and rituals that the bride and groom can pick according to their preferences. Mayan weddings are an excellent example of tradition and magic, since these are performed according to the sacred book of the Mayan people, The Popol Vuh and Chilan Balam that describe the origin of creation by the gods. This symbolic wedding and full of mysticism is not legally recognized but it is ideal for couples that are looking for a spiritual and magic bond. Prehispanic weddings are also a traditional and mystical choice, these consist of a union between the couple and the infinity. Besides surrendering their love to the universe, the couple utilizes ceremonial elements such as candles and torches, copal incense, prehispanic music and are assisted by a chaman that will perform the ceremony. The Cosmic Wedding or Love Wedding involves the relatives of the couple forming circle and tossing flowers of the four colors: white, red, yellow and violet, to symbolize their fertile union and abundant to the four elements. If you would like to marry in the civil and/or religious way, the civil wedding is presided by a judge and the religious weddings –either catholic, jewish, or from southeast Asia– are addressed by a representative of the church or temple in the region. Be sure to consult the legal requirements needed to plan your wedding to perfection.

Riviera Maya is a magic place, unique in its relationship with nature and recognition of its creations. Live Riviera Maya and visit any of our beaches and spas, or the Zona Maya where our culture and ancestral roots are very much alive, a place where your experience will be enriched by that historical legacy. Come to enjoy Riviera Maya’s attractions and fall in love with the experience of traveling to the Paradise!


23 May, 2016


Welcome once more to Riviera Maya’s blog! Today I would like to tell you about Riviera Maya, its attractions, its romance and mythology. I invite you […]
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