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5 July, 2016
Riviera Maya, awaits for you.
15 August, 2016

Boutique Hotels to enjoy Riviera Maya

where to stay

In Riviera Maya there are many places to relax, have fun, taste and enjoy. One of the most interesting things about the Riviera Maya is the variety of activities offered, making it a worldrenowned destination since you can find exactly what you are looking for or discover something you’ll love. From exotic cuisine, Caribbean music, beautiful scenery and amazing hotels, Riviera Maya is a destination that visitors must live. We will offer a unique choice of accommodations, super attractive, chic and cozy: the Boutique Hotels.

In the previous issue we talked about Tulum, a romantic town full of beautiful nature, culture and romance in every corner, features that echo throughout Riviera Maya, but if you are looking for fun and adventure, while looking chic comfort, the little hotels of the Riviera Maya are your best choice.

where to stayOur first recommendation is that you come with your partner, family or friends, so the fun multiplies! One of the tips that we can share you is that you check the availability of small hotels, as smaller does not mean less luxury, on the contrary, means cozy and unique comfort. Many of these small hotels are located for example, on Fifth Avenue in the city of Playa del Carmen, near the beaches of Akumal or in the village of Tulum, or near archaeological sites, beaches and theme parks. These hotels stand out for its wide range of charmingly accommodation for your staying. You’ll have everything you need in a boutique hotel while you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

From cozy inns, beautiful hotels, romantic casitas and fresh cabins you can find what suits your needs and travel plans. Another tip is to check in advance the availability of rooms, tours featured at the little hotel of your choice, and location, all this in order that you spend a pleasant stay in Riviera Maya.

The most important thing when visiting Riviera Maya and staying in a small hotel is to travel light and surrender to fate. All you need is in Riviera Maya, do not worry about bringing more luggage, in paradise you can find everything thanks to international tourism, from all kinds of cuisine, health care, customer service, fun activities, beaches, shopping centers and adventures, everything you can imagine, awaits for you in the Riviera Maya!

You can find some of these boutique hotels in our directory clicking here, remember that each of them has its peculiarity and we are sure you will find the ideal accommodation that will receive you with arms wide open here in Riviera Maya.

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