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20 October, 2017
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Autumn in the Riviera Maya


We are in the middle autumn. A pleasant feeling of nostalgia comes to us in the increasingly cooler afternoons. The year is very close to finishing, it is true, but there are still pending tasks. What can we do to make the most of the energetic sensation that the weather transmits us in November? Enjoy a weekend at the Riviera Maya. Why?

For the delights of the weather


A weekend in the Riviera Maya is an excellent option because, during this time, the day temperatures are around 25 degrees, the hurricane season is over, and the partly cloudy skies allow you to enjoy long moments of relaxation on the sand.

For the feeling of exclusivity


Not all people have the opportunity (or the courage) to decide to give themselves a weekend of joy in a paradisiac destination, even if it is not a holiday season. So, to you who have the chance, and know you deserve it, November gives you the opportunity to feel at your ease both on the beaches, as in the shopping centers and pedestrian streets of Playa del Carmen, Tulum and other places in the Maya Riviera.

For the discounts


Also, the prices go down. Offers abound this season. You will not believe the discounts in the most exclusive rooms with dream services. Also, airlines offer special rates, so it does not matter if you live in New York, Tijuana or CDMX: the trip does not have to last more than a few hours.


As you can see, several factors make the last weeks of November and the first weeks of December a jewel of opportunity for those who want to pamper themselves, enjoy the charm of the season and take advantage of low prices. Of course, as we said before, this opportunity is only for those who do not think twice about taking action to enjoy life.

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