Rivera Maya
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Xplor is an all-inclusive experience brought to you by the creators of Xcaret. This unique adventure offers a full day of options and activities for everyone. There are 14 zip lines with incredible water landings and suspension bridges, or you can choose trips to the jungle in amphibious vehicles. If it is not your speed, how about an underground paradise where you can swim surrounded by incredible stalactites and stalagmites, or a raft trip through impressive underground caverns, using your hands as paddles? Take note for another enviable experience! Xplor also opens at night, with an exciting nighttime adventure, you will be enjoying the best of Xplor Fuego! A nutritious buffet is included, specially designed to recharge your energy, as well as changing rooms, cabinets, and high quality safety equipment. The park is next to Xcaret. For reservations and purchases in advance, visit  http://www.xplor.travel