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5 September, 2017
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20 October, 2017

The Art of Being an Adventurer (and how to become one in the Riviera Maya)

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Photo:  Bravest Race de Xplor.
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Adventures are the best school for the human being. Men and women of all times have left testimonies of how much it enhances the spirit to spend a season in nature and face its challenges. Proof of this is that adventures have inspired great works of Art of all genres.


Ernest Hemingway, the great American writer, is perhaps the greatest representative of the adventurers of the twentieth century. His books impacted the world because they were, first and foremost, an excellent account of his adventures, many of which occurred in the Caribbean Sea.

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The painter Paul Gauguin decided to change the luxury of Parisian boulevards for the palm trees, volcanoes and transparent waters of Tahiti. His paintings took on the character that made them world famous, precisely for bringing to the canvas what until then the Western world did not know.


One of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century, the American Aaron Copland, made natural landscapes his source of inspiration. “An outdoor adventure” and “Appalachian Spring,” two of his best-known compositions, are inspired by the adventures in the mountains of his country.

Do you feel motivated to live an adventure on your next vacation? The Riviera Maya is the perfect place to make it happen. It has 120 kilometers of jungle coast, where you can find cenotes, underground rivers, reefs, and vestiges of ancient cultures. No doubt, here you could become the adventurous explorer who will give the world the next great work of Art … or at least find an enormous fun that will help you get back home being an improved version of yourself.


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